Today was supposed to be cookie-making day but I am just too whooped from the weekend and we are having plumbing problems.

Friday night we went to a party. We were at this party with many large homeschooling families and some of them started talking about how they “tricked” their children into believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. It was bizarre. Some of the families were even ATI (Gothard). It just goes to show that you can never assume you know what someone else believes. In our home Santa is just for fun and St Nicholas is a historical figure.

Do you tell your kids that Santa is real? I assumed you didn’t but I may be wrong.

Saturday Tim and I thought we would get a little shopping done at the Galleria in Cool Springs, Tn. I am not a mall person. I have never enjoyed going to the mall. I could have spent all day at Borders drinking coffee, reading books and looking at movies and music but I do not like the mall. Sometimes I wonder if I am even female. Tim, on the other hand, likes to shop during the holidays. We were in the area to pick up Timothy at the airport. It is a good thing his plane was late because we sat in the mall parking lot for 45 minutes. It was standstill traffic in the mall parking lot!! I began to understand why people talk about hating the holidays. I am glad my holidays are not centered around shopping. Gift-giving is probably the least important part of our celebrations.

Since we have company, Alex and Andrew shared a couch last night (feet to feet) . This morning Alex was using Andrew as a pillow….wish my digital camera was working.

Today, instead of cookies some of us may be going ice skating and some to Pride and Prejudice again. I think I am just going to rest in front of the Christmas tree and wait for the plumber and finish Shepherds Abiding, although I might be talked into P&P if it’s not at the mall.

Not to overwhelm you with 2 posts in one weekend but if any of you are paying attention to Narnia reviews, head over to Reformation 21 where you can read some wonderful conversations on the nature of books and reading to movies or visual pictures.

It has convinced me more than ever that a book is a book and a movie is a movie and never the twain shall meet. LWW will be a wonderful movie and LWW is a wonderful book but that doesn’t make them the same thing.

Here is what John Knox has to say over there:

Acch, come on laddies – what is this frivolous trumpery? You lot are meant to be Protestants. D’ye nae ken that words cannot be replaced by pictures? and that therefore a film is not simply the same work of art as the original book, only cast in a different form? It’s actually an entirely different manner of beastie; and comparisons of the two depend upon a woeful confusion of categories.

Ach, awa wi’ye. I’m off to smash some idols, ding the odd pulpit into blads, and then back home in time for tea.

PS: I got all this from Carmon. Perhaps if she quit blogging and just sent me tips my blog would improve noticeably. I doff my Atlanta Braves baseball cap to you, Carmon.