Diets That Work on Dialysis Patients

When your doctor prescribes dialysis treatments for you, the sooner you realize that big changes are going to take place in your life. One of the biggest changes will be in your diet and eating habits. Now, you will have to watch your weight closely, monitor your intake of several items in your diet and be concerned about the content of certain vitamins and minerals in your food.

But, being on dialysis does not mean that you cannot enjoy your favorite foods anymore. Almost anything can still be eaten but you just have to watch the portions. As with any other diet, watching portions is always the key to keeping your health in tip top shape.

The amount of calories you take in should be enough to prevent your muscles from wasting. Proteins contain amino acids that are good for you. Be careful to choose protein-rich foods that contain an abundance of amino acids. There are those that are rich in protein but do not provide enough amino acids.

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Calcium is phosphorus binding so you need a lot of calcium in your diet. As a dialysis patient, you need phosphorus in your diet to help maintain good bone health, together with calcium. On the other hand, you have to watch your phosphorus levels because too much of it will cause itchy skin.

These are just additional tips for a healthy dialysis diet.  But your best information will naturally come from your physician or nutritionist.  They can advise you on your personal diet needs accordingly.