Causes of Vaginal Yeast Infections

assssHormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes of Candidiasis. People on antibiotic therapy are also susceptible because most antibiotics lead to the elimination of the yeast’s natural competitors thereby allowing the overgrowth of c.albicans. With the overgrowth come several different conditions. Although they do not progress to any life-threatening conditions, they may very well induce irritating and unsightly infections, either internally or externally.

Other groups that may be susceptible to yeast infections are those suffering from diabetes mellitus, HIV /AIDS and other immunocompromised groups. Likewise, people on chemotherapy or haemodialysis may also be candidates.  Women who regularly wear fitted jeans create the perfect environment for the proliferation of c.albicans.  Warm, moist areas are most prone to infections, albeit external – but cause trouble by being truly irritating – the itch and redness due to sores that accompany the infection can disrupt daily existence.

In addition, “innocent” conditions such as fatigue and too much stress can bring about certain candidiasis infections because they can cause different sorts of imbalances in the body.

Improper nutrition can also be a key factor in candidiasis infections. Insufficient amounts of fiber in the diet will allow for the proliferation of candida in the digestive tract and eventually lead to an overgrowth.  Damage to the intestinal lining can be brought about by the long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs or pain killers.